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HomeIncredible Bikini Body Guide Transformations & Review!
Incredible Bikini Body Guide Transformations & Review!

Incredible Bikini Body Guide Transformations & Review!

This is the stunning Erica who sent website, click through the following page, me this electronic mail:

"Hello from South Orange County, California USA!

I am a Wife, Mom of 2 (22 & 18), Step Mom of four (28, 24, 22 & 18) and a Freelance Writer.

I wish to say THANK YOU for all you do for girls all over the place of ALL ages.

I just turned fifty two on Sunday Might 1. I began figuring out to BBG1.0 on August 28, 2015. I had seen all the transformation pics and adopted you on Instagram but it surely took me about a year and a half to FINALLY purchase the guide and go for it. I WAS figuring out commonly however perimenopause had taken over completely. I was puffed up like a blowfish irrespective of how a lot I labored out - especially in the center (which is the place it's speculated to occur!). I obtained reactions to food consistently, even after I thought I was consuming nicely, my body was just reacting to everything.

I decided to make BIG adjustments at the start of final Summer. I made a decision to eat Paleo at the end of Might 2015 and it made me really feel so much better however I knew my exercises - though consistent and difficult, were NOT doing the trick.

I'm now on Week 33 (I DID do the 4 week Pre-Training so I guess you might say 37 weeks total). I've gone by BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0 and since finishing that, I have caught to the program - only now I just choose which workout I want to do from the 2 guides on whatever day. ALSO: For the last 4 weeks, I've included running the mile back into my workouts. I did not realize how much stamina I had constructed up since starting with BBG!

I LOVE being sturdy, love lastly seeing outcomes and LOVE the community you could have built. The other day, you posted @jasbbg45 and talked about individuals asking "are there any women over forty?". I'm right here to inform you YES!! and even over 50!!

I've just began a new Instagram account @phitn52 and I'm about to introduce a new blog for women which are struggling by perimenopause and need support. I'm a piece in progress however I know that we all want encouragement and support and if I can help any girl that wants it, I consider it a blessing to do so. Website URL:

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