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Powerful, Smaller and Simple to Use. A Great Update to the IC-2200H!

Icom introduces the new IC-2300H, 144MHz mobile transceiver.
The IC-2300H is the update model of the popular IC-2200H.
The IC-2300H retains the same basic features from the IC-2200H; powerful 65W output power, simple-to-use user interface, built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder, etc. While keeping those basic features, the IC-2300H is packed in to a smaller body (in depth) than the IC-2200H.

So Many Features
*Stable 65W of output
*Similar user interface retained from the IC-2200H
*Proven durability – Tested to the latest MIL-STD-810 G Specifications
*207 Alpha-Numeric memory channels
*Built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder

Stable 65W of output power
The IC-2300H can generate 65W of output power. The rugged aluminum diecast chassis provides effective heat dissipation and keeps RF output even during high duty cycle continuous transmission. Output power is selectable in 4-steps (65/25/10/5W).

Simple operation retained from the 2200H
The IC-2300H retains the basic panel layout and its user interface from the IC-2200H. Current IC-2200H users will be comfortably familiar with the IC-2300H operation. The bottom of the display indicates the available functions of the front panel buttons directly below the display.

Selectable LCD backlight color
The IC-2300H has a 70.6×20 mm LCD display with 6 large alphanumeric characters offering a good viewing angle suitable for mobile operation.
backlight color of the display is selectable from amber and green for your visual enjoyment.

A total of 207 memory channels
The IC-2300H has a total of 207 memory channels, including 200 regular channels, 6 scan edges and 1 call channel. The channel name is programmable with 6 characters for easy recognition.

Built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder
The CTCSS and DTCS tones are built-in for quiet stand-by and repeater access. The tone scan function detects the sub-audible tone that is used for repeater access. The pocket beep function gives you an audible and visual indicator of an incoming call.

Tested to the MIL-STD 810 G specifications
The IC-2300H is built tough to protect from a rough road. It has been tested to and has passed the latest MIL-STD 810 G specifications including shock, vibration and temperature tests.

Multiple scan functions
*Full scan
*Programmed scan
*Memory scan
*Bank scan
*Bank link scan (DMS)
*Skip scan
*Priority scan
*Tone scan

Other features
*Power supply voltage display
*4.5W (typical) loud audio
*Reduced depth dimensions
*DTMF autodial
*Time-out timer
*Repeater lockout
*Automatic power off
*S-meter squelch
*Wide/narrow channel setting
*Volume up/down function added to the remote control microphone, HM-133V
*Weather channel receive and weather alert function
*Automatic repeater function
*Selectable squelch delay from short and long
*Squelch attenuator reduces suppression from string signals
*PC to transceiver cloning and transceiver to transceiver cloning capability

This information is taken directly off of the Icom IC-2300H brochure.


Frequency range :
Transmit range 144–148 MHz
Receiver range 136–174* MHz
* Guaranteed range 144-148MHz

Mode : F2D, F3D

Number of memory ch. : 207 (incl., 6 scan edges, 1 call Ch.)

Antenna connector : SO-239 (50 ohm)

Power supply requirement : 13.8 V DC ±15% (negative ground)

Frequency stability : ±10 ppm –10°C to +60°C

Current drain :
Tx at 65 W: 11 A
Rx Standby: 0.4 A
Max. audio: 1.5 A

Usable temp. range : –10°C to +60°C; +14°F to +140°F

Dimensions (projections not included) :
140(W) × 40(H) × 162(D) mm;
5.51(W) × 1.57(H) × 6.38D) in

Weight : 1 kg; 2.43 lb

Output power (approx.) : 65, 25, 10, 5 W selectable

Maximum frequency deviation (wide/narrow) : ±5.0 / ±2.5kHz
Spurious emission : Less than –70 dB
Microphone connector : 8-pin modular (600 ohm)

Receive system :
Double-conversion superheterodyne system
Intermediate frequencies :
1st 21.7 MHz
2nd 450 kHz
Receive Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) : 0.133µV typical
Squelch sensitivity : 0.100µV typical (threshold)
Selectivity (wide/narrow) :
More than 6/3 kHz at -6dB
Less than 14/9 kHz at -60 dB
Spurious and image rejection ratio : More than 60dBc typical
Audio output power (at 13.8 V DC) : More than 2.4W at 10% distortion with an 8 ohm speaker
Ext SP connector : 3-connector 3.5 (d) mm (1/8")

Supplied Accessories
Remote control microphone, HM-133V
Microphone hanger
DC power cable, OPC-1132
Spare fuse
Mobile mounting bracket kit

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